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Grandparents Day September 12


Please make yourself at home. There's all manner of things to do and see!

Granny Central: Stay up on all the latest news of our world. Here, you'll also get to meet other exemplary Grannies, and maybe even recognize a special heroically virtuous Granny in your life. We have no hard candies, but we have many other goodies to share, such as wallpaper for your computer's desktop and pictures for the little ones to color.

Granny Market: The treasury of Grannies art and books has finally been made available for your browsing and purchasing pleasure. Be on the lookout for future cards, calendars, and paper accessories.

Granny Post Office: Let's keep in touch. Postmaster Granny looks forward to hearing from you and reading what you have to say about A Grannies Heart, Grannies new calendard, or the new Grannies website.